7 Little Johnstons, a popular TLC show, has reached its 14th season and has managed to maintain its viewership over the years. However, some viewers feel that the show has turned into a circus, and it leaves them feeling embarrassed for the Johnston family, including Trent and Amber Johnston.

Fans of 7 Little Johnstons have enjoyed the wholesome content that the show initially offered. As viewers stick with a show for an extended period, they develop an attachment to the cast members. For fans of this show, they have witnessed the Johnstons’ children growing up on television, which has contributed to their loyalty. However, many fans now feel that the show has lost its wholesome nature and has shifted towards shock value, and this is not sitting well with them.

One aspect that viewers are particularly put off by is the emphasis on Trent and Amber Johnston’s raunchy scenes. As a family show, many viewers find it uncomfortable to peek into the intimate life of the couple. Additionally, the show has been criticized for turning into a circus with wild activities and costumes, leading some fans to accuse the producers of having strange fetishes and using the show to fulfill them on screen.

Although 7 Little Johnstons continues to have a strong viewership, many fans are unhappy with the direction the show is taking, especially with its focus on off-the-wall aspects. Some viewers believe that the show has become stale, and the inclusion of wild costumes and strange antics may be a desperate attempt by the producers to maintain viewership.

One fan expressed their disappointment, mentioning an embarrassing episode involving fully grown adults acting like nine-year-olds and finding it boring. Another viewer commented on the show’s decline, suggesting that it may be due to a lack of storylines and expressing frustration with Trent and Amber’s attempts to make the show more entertaining through dirty talk. They also questioned whether Liz and Brice, with a newborn baby, could carry an entire season.

It is evident that a significant portion of 7 Little Johnstons viewers is dissatisfied with the show’s current direction, longing for the return of the wholesome content that initially drew them in.

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