Mary and Brandan, stars of 90 Day Fiancé, have been enjoying their time with their daughter, Midnight, and regularly sharing updates about their happy married life with fans. Despite being considered one of the most problematic couples in the franchise, they have been striving to become more responsible and mature for the sake of raising their daughter well. Mary and Brandan have a history filled with controversies and drama.

Fans have previously exposed their money-making schemes and lies, causing hesitation in trusting the TLC stars and labeling them as “grifters” or “fraudsters.” Nevertheless, fans still hope for the best for their baby daughter’s future. However, it seems that the health of the TLC stars’ little princess is currently a cause for concern. Mary and Brandan recently shared worrying details about their daughter’s well-being.

In the past, Mary and Brandan have been caught lying and scamming people for money. They generated a significant amount of funds by falsely claiming that Mary had cancer and setting up a fundraiser to collect donations. They later apologized to their followers, admitting that Mary did not have the disease and had misused the money.

Due to these incidents, it has become challenging for the audience to trust the couple. Recently, Mary and Brandan made headlines once again by sharing concerning health updates about their daughter, Midnight. They posted a video of themselves taking the baby for laboratory testing. Mary informed her fans that her daughter had contracted an amoeba parasite from drinking contaminated water. They took their daughter for tests and later had a meal together. Mary mentioned that her little girl had swallowed contaminated water while swimming. Both Mary and Brandan have been taking good care of their daughter since the incident and assured fans that she was much better now.

Midnight has been receiving medication for diarrhea and is reportedly doing well. Many 90 Day Fiancé fans expressed their concern for the TLC stars’ baby girl, urging Mary and Brandan to closely monitor her until she fully recovers. Additionally, some fans expressed their hope that the couple was being truthful this time and not playing with their emotions.

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