Janelle Brown, a prominent figure on Sister Wives, has been deeply affected by the tragic death of her son, Garrison Brown. The unexpected loss shattered Janelle, who never envisioned having to say goodbye to her beloved son so soon. Devastated by the news, Janelle was the one to first share the heartbreaking announcement of Garrison’s passing and has since been mourning his loss.

Recently, Janelle opened up about her current emotional state. She candidly expressed how difficult it has been for her to regain her mental focus after the devastating loss of Garrison. Fans eagerly awaited to hear from Janelle and gain insight into her well-being during this challenging time. Taking to Instagram, she shared a series of photos from her son’s memorial and accompanied them with a heartfelt caption that revealed her emotions.

Janelle began by acknowledging the struggle she has faced, stating, “It’s been hard to get my brain to work properly again.” She then expressed her gratitude towards everyone who has supported her over the past three weeks and sent her love. Janelle felt honored by the stories people shared about Garrison and thanked them from the depths of her heart.

The Sister Wives star went on to disclose that Garrison was recently honored by her family members and the National Guard Unit in a “celebration of life ceremony” held last Sunday. She described it as a beautiful moment for all of them, emphasizing that Garrison would have loved it.

Aware that these pictures had already circulated on the internet and invited some negative comments, Janelle chose to share them regardless. She explained their significance, as they hold a special place in her heart. Many viewers took to the comment section to express their support for Janelle and her family during this difficult time.

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