It has been over a month since the tragic death of Garrison Brown, and Sister Wives fans remain concerned about Janelle Brown’s well-being. Losing a child is an unimaginable pain, and fans want to ensure that Janelle is taking care of herself during this horrific time.

On social media, the TLC star has shared that she has been spending a significant amount of time with her children. She even traveled to North Carolina to visit her daughter Maddie Brush’s family. However, when it comes to her relationship with Kody Brown, fans are convinced that it is truly over. Let’s delve into what Janelle had to say.

Fans Believe Janelle Brown Has Moved on From Kody for Good

In the wake of Garrison Brown’s tragic death, the Brown family has been in the spotlight. Recently, a Reddit user shared information from an article that seemingly indicated positive news about Janelle Brown. The Redditor revealed, “It sounds like Janelle is done with Kody for good,” quoting an article from The Sun. The user speculated that Mykelti Brown Padron may be the source of the information.

According to the article, Janelle Brown’s top priority is her children and pets. A source reportedly shared with The Sun, “I know she’s going to spend her life focusing on her kids. There will be no more bulls**t. Wherever her kids go is where Janelle will go – she’s already made it clear. She’s spending more time on checking in with each kid as much as possible physically.”

The Sun also reported that Kody Brown is “putting up a wall and internalizing his feelings.” Allegedly, he wants to focus on his own mental health and well-being at the moment. The source also mentioned that Kody acted awkward and “standoffish” at Garrison’s memorial service, only sitting near Janelle when prompted by Robyn Brown.

The original poster concluded by speculating that Mykelti is the source of the information, possibly to create more content for her Patreon.

Reactions from Other Redditors

While some Reddit users pointed out that The Sun isn’t always the most reliable source, others found this particular article to be plausible. Comments included:

“Janelle is actually the whole package in many ways — a loyal wife, a loving and doting mother, and a dedicated professional who doesn’t mind a good day’s work. Of course, Kody never saw it and didn’t appreciate her.”

“The biggest indicator to me that Janelle and Kody were truly done is that they didn’t sit next to each other at Garrison’s memorial service. Instead, Janelle had one of her sons in the seat next to her, and Kody sat with his one true wife, Robyn. If they don’t even sit next to each other to mourn the child they shared together, there’s nothing good left between them.”

“Janelle is so level-headed and wise. Her life no longer has a place for Kody in it.”

Please note that the reliability of the information from The Sun and the speculation should be taken with caution, as it is based on online discussions and opinions.

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