Tammy Slaton often fetches numerous reasons to attract the attention of her fans. This includes shocking her fans with her incredible weight loss journey and transformation on various occasions. The 1000 Lb Sisters star recently shared a social media post that caught the eyes of many of her followers. In this recently uploaded video, Tammy enjoyed to the tunes of a song while providing a rare glimpse of her various elaborate tattoos. Read further to have another scoop about the elder Slaton sister’s latest social media upload.

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Showed Off Her Elaborate Inks!

Tammy Slaton often treats her fans with regular social media uploads, ranging from glimpses from her adventurous outings to sit-down lip-sync videos. She recently shared yet another lip-sync TikTok video that caught the attention of 1000 Lb Sisters viewers. In addition to enjoying on the tunes and singing along to the music being played in the background, she provided a rare glimpse of her body tattoos.

Tammy donned a strappy pink colored fitted top that showcased her inks. The huge yellow sunflower on the back of her hand between her thumb and index figure, beside a purple flower peeking from its behind, was revealed in the TikTok video. Additionally, a flower-like tattoo peaked from the strap of her top when she had her seatbelt on.

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Another video surfaced on the internet earlier this year, wherein fans observed a never-seen-before NSFW tattoo on Tammy Slaton’s arm. Various 1000 Lb Sisters fans were quick to notice it appeared to be a salacious artwork near her shoulder. One of the fans, filled with curiosity, landed on Reddit to ask if anyone had an idea about Tammy’s tattoo on her upper arm. They even attached a zoomed-in snap of the tattoo for reference. Then, another fan responded that the tattoo resembles flaming butt cheeks. Several other fans agreed and gave a similar response.

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Is Not Happy With Sister Amy’s New Boyfriend!

1000 Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is not thrilled with her sister’s new love interest. TheSun revealed earlier this week that Tammy does not like Tony Rodgers, Amy’s new boyfriend. The insider shared that he is from Michigan and had recently moved into his girlfriend’s Kentucky home. Earlier, when they were doing long-distance, Amy often took her sisters along while visiting Tony. However, upon seeing the new couple together, Tammy felt that they fight often. Moreover, Amy and Tony were so engrossed in a blazing argument during their last visit to Michigan that they missed numerous turns and exits.

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The main and perhaps the only reason why Tammy does not approve of Tony and Amy’s relationship is that they often indulge in serious fights. The source also shared that the thirty-seven-year-old reality star believes that the Michigan native is living off of her sister’s hard-earned money. Despite her elder sister’s concern, Amy seems to have been enjoying her time with her new beau. Do you understand Tammy’s worries for her little sister?

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