Whitney Way Thore has a bitter-sweet relationship with the fans. They loved her for spreading positivity for the plus-size community. She made everyone believe that size doesn’t matter. However, the MBFFL celeb received a lot of criticism for filming her mom’s funeral. The new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life will most likely put the fans on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It will cover the aftermath of her mom’s death. Fans will witness how the life of the Thore family will unfold after the big incident. Recently, she paid a visit to her mom’s grave site as well. However, it appears that Whitney has started losing her memory. Is that true? 

MBFFL: Whitney Way Calls Herself Crazy For Forgetting Things!

TLC’s most popular star, Whitney Way Thore, will return to the screens again soon. She lost her mom in December last year. But the family is still struggling with the same. Recently, the MBFFL star shared a new post on Instagram. She recorded a small video of the final resting place of Mom. Whitney focused on the plaque referring to her mom as “America’s Mom.”

The reality TV star claimed that her mother was interred on December 17, 2022. It was the first time she gathered the courage to visit the place again. However, it turned out that she was mistaken and forgot the number of visits. Whitney recorded herself again the next day, claiming that “grief is weird” in the video.

So, Whitney continued to express how she claimed that she visited her mom’s grave for the first time after December. However, later, her dad entered her room and reminded her that this was not the first time she was visiting. He pointed out that she visited the palace with her dad on Mother’s Day as well. In fact, she also saw a teenager who was at the graveyard with her father, and they were fans of MBFFL. Further, Whitney and the girl texted each other afterward, too. Later, she asked if grief could erase one’s memory.

MBFFL: Whitney Calls Out Haters For Criticizing Her Decision For Filming Her Mom’s Death!

Whitney Way Thore’s fans were excited to see their favorite celeb returning to the screens. However, some got a little disappointed and angry at the MBFFL star for filming Babs’ funeral scenes. Some viewers believe that she has gone a little too far for fame and money this time. Hence, several criticized the reality TV celeb and her family on social media. Finally, Whitney came out to support her family on Instagram. She uploaded a video of a screenshot of her dad asking about all the hate. In it, he expressed his feelings on receiving so many haters.

Further, the TLC star, Whitney, claimed in the caption that she didn’t know if people didn’t like her. She went on to school critics claiming, “PLEASE remember, just for this one instance, that you’re talking about my dead mother, and there is a family who reads this.” Hence, she requested her fans to vent their anger on her only as her father didn’t deserve all this.

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