The Derrico family, known for their show “Doubling Down With the Derricos,” recently shared a clip where the children were being taught an important life skill—cleaning toilets. In the video, Deon Derrico emphasized the importance of everyone in the family learning this task since they all share a few toilets. He wanted to teach his children that he shouldn’t be the only one responsible for cleaning them.

One of the boys expressed that he found cleaning the toilet fun and looked forward to doing it again. While not all of the children may have enjoyed the task as much, they all participated in the lesson. The Derrico kids’ humor and interactions kept both their siblings and viewers entertained throughout the process.

Fans of the Derrico family often appreciate their parenting skills and admire how well-behaved the children seem to be based on what is shown on TLC and social media. The clip received positive feedback from fans, with many applauding Karen and Deon’s parenting choices. Fans took to the comments section to share their thoughts and express their enjoyment of the clip, describing the Derrico family as delightful and fantastic.

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