In the Season 5 premiere of Welcome to Plathville, Moriah Plath shocks her brother Ethan by walking out. The exact reason that prompted her to leave is not specified in the provided information. However, it is mentioned that Moriah had been living with Ethan, his wife Olivia, and Olivia’s brother Nathan before her departure.

When Ethan returns home from Europe, he discovers that Moriah is no longer there. He finds a note on the counter explaining that Moriah felt there was a lot going on and decided to move out to live on her own for the first time. The note expresses her hope for a future conversation with Ethan.

Ethan expresses his frustration at the situation, feeling that they should have discussed Moriah’s plans before she left. He mentions that Moriah had initially told him she would stay a couple of weeks after his return from Europe but something happened that she didn’t like, leading her to pack up her belongings. Ethan describes her departure as somewhat theatrical.

The preview has sparked a divided reaction among fans of the show. Some are taking sides with Ethan and Olivia, criticizing Moriah for relying on Olivia for support and friendship but seemingly turning against her. Others support Moriah, suggesting that this move may be beneficial for her. Opinions vary in the comments section, with some characterizing Moriah’s actions as childish and others viewing it as a positive step for her.ShareLikeDisl

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