1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton has been actively engaging with fans on TikTok, and she recently surprised them by revealing her real singing voice on the platform. Usually known for lip-syncing to popular songs, Tammy decided to showcase her own vocals by turning down the volume and singing without assistance. The reaction to her singing might be surprising. Keep reading to find out more.

As Tammy continues her weight loss journey, she appears to be growing more confident in her interactions with fans. Previously, she would often tolerate trolling and abuse on her social media platforms. However, she has recently shown a more assertive side, clapping back at those who criticize her for using filters and expressing her disregard for their opinions.

In addition to her direct responses, Tammy has found another way to communicate with her followers through music. When she feels frustrated with haters, she can easily create a video using a song that addresses the topic. In the past, Tammy was mostly silent, and if she did speak, it was often aggressive and bitter. Now, fans can see that she is using beautiful music to celebrate her own successes and share her emotions. This is a significant improvement from her previous habit of simply staring silently at the camera.

According to The Sun, Tammy has been using songs to convey her messages and express her emotions. The outlet described how she became emotional while listening to the racy lyrics of “Sex and Candy” by Alexander Jean and proudly sang along to the line “I’m a big fine woman.” However, in a recent TikTok video, she admitted her lack of confidence in her own singing abilities.

In the video, Tammy sat alone in her car, turned down the volume of the music, and began singing louder and louder. While she did hit a few off-key notes, it’s important to remember that she was not performing in front of a stadium full of paying fans like Taylor Swift. Despite her self-doubt, the video garnered nearly 1000 likes and close to a hundred shares, indicating that many viewers appreciated her effort.

With the positive response to her singing video, it’s interesting to consider whether Tammy might explore her potential in the music industry further. While she may not have sung perfectly, her genuine display of vulnerability and progress could inspire others. Perhaps in the future, Tammy might even write her own songs, as she has a lot going on inside her head that could resonate with people. Only time will tell if music becomes a significant part of Tammy Slaton’s journey beyond 1000-Lb Sisters.

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