Fans of OutDaughtered are eagerly anticipating the future of the show after Season 9 concludes. With its popularity since its inception in 2016, viewers are naturally curious about whether the Busby family’s journey will continue on TLC. While there hasn’t been an official confirmation from TLC regarding Season 10, recent social media interactions suggest a positive outlook.

Adam Busby, the father of the six Busby daughters, engaged in a Q&A session on Instagram, where he dropped a hint about the show’s future. When asked about the start of filming, he excitedly revealed that they would resume filming the following day. This indicates that the production of the show is in progress, albeit in its early stages, and suggests the likelihood of OutDaughtered returning for Season 10.

Although specific details about the upcoming season are scarce, it’s important to consider the various factors involved in the show’s production, such as contracts, filming schedules, and post-production. These elements may contribute to a time delay before the new season airs.

As of now, TLC has not officially announced the return of the Busby family for Season 10, nor have they provided information regarding a premiere date. Past seasons have not followed a consistent pattern regarding their premiere dates. Fans will have to patiently await an official announcement from TLC for more concrete details.

The anticipation remains high among fans, and they are encouraged to stay vigilant for any further clues or updates regarding the future of OutDaughtered and the potential Season 10.

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