On the 22nd anniversary of the September 11 attacks, Meri Brown, a former wife of Kody Brown from Sister Wives, shared her reflections on the tragic events with her fans. Meri would have been thirty years old at the time of the attacks, while her son Leon just turned six. The memories of that dark day in American history remain vivid for many people.

Meri Brown knows about the pain of loss as she has experienced the sudden passing of her mother, sister, and father. She understands that memories fade with time, but the impact of loss remains. In her tribute, she expressed empathy for the families affected by the 9/11 tragedy and acknowledged that while the world may move on, those who knew the individuals involved will forever carry the memories of their loved ones.

In her Instagram post, Meri Brown recalled where she was on 9/11 and how the nation came together in unity, prayer, and kindness regardless of their proximity to New York. She expressed the hope that the country and the world could find a place of peace without the need for tragedy. During her recent visit to New York, she discussed the events of that day with a friend, emphasizing the lasting impact it had on people worldwide.

Meri Brown concluded her tribute by praying for healing and peace, particularly for the families, friends, and loved ones who lost someone in the attacks. Unity and care were on her mind, and she expressed the desire for people to set aside their differences because, in the end, those differences don’t matter.

Meri’s post resonated with her fans, who appreciated her heartfelt tribute and her call for unity and empathy on this solemn day.

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