Jasmine Pineda, known for her fiery personality on 90 Day Fiance, had quite a stark contrast in terms of personality with her partner, Gino. Their relationship faced numerous challenges as they tried to bridge their differences. However, the recently released trailer for the original franchise revealed that Jasmine had come to America to be with Gino. Concurrently, fans noticed her spending time with another cast member, Mike Berk, leading to speculation that she may have left Gino for him. Now, Jasmine and Mike have decided it’s time to reveal the truth about their relationship. So, what’s the real story?

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Clarifies If She Is Dating Mike After Coming To America!

Jasmine and Gino’s relationship took a turn for the worse as they appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, where it became evident that their dynamic was fraught with toxicity. Their subsequent appearance on the same spin-off’s following season failed to bring any reconciliation.

Despite their troubled history, TLC surprised fans by announcing their return for Season 10 of the original franchise. Observant viewers had already noticed Jasmine’s presence in America, sparking speculation that she may have left Gino after relocating to Michigan.

90 Day Fiance fans had already noticed Jasmine spending time with fellow cast member Mike Berk, leading to speculation about a potential romantic connection between them. However, the moment arrived when they decided to address these rumors. It happened when Berk posted a congratulatory message to Jasmine on Instagram.

Mike extended his congratulations as Jasmine was about to make her debut on Season 10 of the original show. Jasmine swiftly reshared his post, referring to him as a “dear friend” and expressing her gratitude. This public interaction clarified for fans that their relationship was strictly platonic.

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Catches Gino Cheating On Her On The First Day She Came To America!

Despite their troublesome relationship, Jasmine and Gino remain a compelling duo that fans just can’t resist. As a result, they are gearing up for their return on 90 Day Fiance Season 10, a journey that took them two years to secure due to visa-related challenges. The recently released promo for their upcoming appearance provided a tantalizing glimpse into their storyline, and it promised some shocking developments.

The initial scenes showed a heartwarming and somewhat awkward reunion between Jasmine and Gino at the airport. However, the plot took an unexpected and dramatic turn once they hit the road for their journey home.

Evidently, trouble brewed when Jasmine stumbled upon some lipstick in Gino’s car, and he couldn’t provide a satisfactory explanation for its presence. This discovery led to a full-blown meltdown, with Jasmine accusing her husband of being unfaithful and using strong language. Ultimately, she became overwhelmed with emotion, crying uncontrollably, and expressing a desire to return home.

The shocking part is that all of this unfolded on the very first day of Jasmine’s arrival as she embarked on her new life in America. The question now remains: Will they manage to salvage their relationship or will they decide to part ways for good before the end of their 90 days? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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