Gino Palazzolo made his debut on 90 Day Fiance alongside his passionate Latina girlfriend, Jasmine Pineda, who later became his fiancée as they prepared to take their relationship to the next level. However, despite their love blossoming, their arguments seemed to escalate.

Nevertheless, they consistently expressed their commitment to working through their differences. Recently, fans were pleasantly surprised when they stumbled upon a throwback photo of Gino from his younger days, showcasing a full head of hair. Their reactions were quite unexpected. So, what were their thoughts on Gino’s hair transformation?

90 Day Fiance: Gino Old Photo Sends Fans In A Frenzy

Renowned TLC personality Gino Palazzolo has been a prominent figure ever since his appearance on the Before The 90 Days spin-off. While his relationship with Jasmine has been a focal point, fans also appreciate his down-to-earth lifestyle. Despite his considerable net worth, audiences are astounded by his modest approach to life.

However, it appears that Gino’s current demeanor differs from his younger years. Recently, a Reddit user shared a throwback picture of the celebrity from his teenage days, revealing a surprising detail: Gino used to have a full head of hair during that period. Believe it or not, this image has left fans in disbelief.

On the show, Gino has frequently sported his signature hats, which have become a significant part of his personal style. However, the vintage picture revealed a stark contrast as the celebrity exhibited a lush and voluminous head of hair. In the photograph, he also displayed an intriguing physique, posing shirtless.

Numerous Redditors couldn’t contain their admiration on the thread, describing Gino as “adorable.” Many attributed his striking appearance to his hair and the effects of “sun exposure.” Regardless, Palazzolo garnered a newfound following for his looks when fans saw him in a different light.

90 Day Fiance: All About Gino’s Skin Disease

As previously mentioned, Gino has made it a point to always wear his hat, even in the most private of settings like the bedroom. This consistent habit has piqued the curiosity of fans who believe there might be something he’s concealing beneath it.

Initially, he held reservations about Jasmine potentially rejecting him due to his hair loss. However, Jasmine surprised him by showering him with compliments, likening him to a Hollywood star like Bruce Willis. Despite this, there remains a lingering mystery that Gino has been keeping from his fans.

It has been revealed that Gino struggles with psoriasis, a skin condition that results in red and itchy patches and can also affect the hair follicles. This revelation came as a significant surprise to fans, as they were unaware that the star had been concealing such a major aspect of his life from the public.

Jasmine has also spoken openly about Gino’s condition, using the opportunity to encourage her followers to practice kindness, emphasizing that one never truly knows what someone else may be going through.

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