Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey have exciting news to share, bringing a ray of positivity amidst rumors of Zach and Tori Roloff leaving Little People, Big World and TLC. The couple recently announced their foray into the world of podcasting, sharing their enthusiasm on social media.

Rumors have been circulating that Zach and Tori Roloff may be stepping away from reality TV, leaving fans uncertain about the future of Little People, Big World. Additionally, speculation arose about Caryn Chandler’s involvement in the show following the farm deal fallout and a perceived strain in her relationship with the Roloff family.

Amidst these swirling rumors, Jeremy and Audrey decided to share their exciting news. They took to Instagram to reveal that they have recorded the first episode of their podcast. Playfully acknowledging their novice status, they set up their recording equipment in the room they were staying in while visiting Audrey’s parents.

Audrey expressed her and Jeremy’s excitement for their new podcast, although she teased that it would be another week or so before revealing specific details, including the podcast’s name.

Fans of Little People, Big World understandably have mixed feelings about the potential departure of Zach and Tori. Many viewers have grown attached to the couple and their children, making their rumored exit disheartening. Fans feel they are only just beginning to know the youngest child, and the rumors have left them unsettled.

As for Jeremy and Audrey’s podcast, reactions from fans on Reddit have been more subdued. Some fans expressed their lack of enthusiasm and speculated that the podcast might be solely for monetary gain. There was also criticism directed at Audrey for a minor spelling error in their announcement. A few fans found it contradictory that Jeremy and Audrey chose to step away from reality TV to escape the spotlight but are now pursuing a podcast, which entails public exposure.

It’s important to remember that fans’ opinions can vary, and the comments on social media platforms might not represent the viewpoints of the entire audience. Nonetheless, Jeremy and Audrey are embarking on an exciting new venture, and time will tell how their podcast will be received by their fan base.

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