It appears that there has been a negative reception and criticism from some fans towards Whitney Way Thore, star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, after the release of Season 11. Fans have expressed their discontent with various aspects of the season, leading to a perceived drop in her popularity. Some specific points of criticism include the decision to air her mother’s funeral, discrepancies in her stories about her half-sister Angie, and questions about her weight loss and changes in her appearance since Season 1.

In a Reddit thread, fans discussed the apparent changes in Whitney’s face. Some commenters suggested that she may have undergone face sculpting surgery, eyebrow lifts, and fillers. The discussion became more critical of Whitney, with some accusing her of putting little effort into improving her life and relying on others to make changes for her. There were also theories about her potentially undergoing weight loss surgery, with speculation that she may be going out of the country for the procedure.

However, not all fans bought into these theories. Some pointed out that weight loss surgery typically requires prior weight loss to demonstrate a commitment to a modified diet and lifestyle. They also expressed skepticism about any significant changes in Whitney’s attitude or behavior on the show.

It’s important to note that these opinions and theories are from a subset of fans and may not represent the views of the entire audience. Viewers’ perceptions and opinions can vary, and it’s essential to approach these discussions with awareness of individual perspectives.

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