Will Klein, known for his appearance on The Little Couple, recently took to social media to express his longing for his beloved bestie. Will shared a special montage on TikTok and Instagram, accompanied by a sentimental song, to commemorate his cherished moments with his family’s dog, Rocky.

Rocky, who sadly passed away last fall, held a special place in Will’s heart. The upcoming one-year anniversary of Rocky’s passing has reminded Will of the bond they shared. Despite having other pets, including their long-time dog Maggie and a few new additions, Will still feels the absence of Rocky deeply.

In the post, Will shared several heartwarming photos of himself and Rocky, capturing their special friendship. The montage was set to the song “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron, adding to the emotions conveyed through the visuals.

Fans of The Little Couple also expressed their empathy and shared in Will’s sadness over the loss of Rocky. Commenting on the post, fans mentioned the special connection between Will and the sweet pup, reminiscing about Rocky’s presence and the joy he brought to the show.

It’s worth noting that Will Klein recently faced a bit of trouble online when he inadvertently posted a TikTok dance video with inappropriate content. After realizing the song contained vulgar language, Will and his mother, Jen Arnold, promptly took down the video and addressed the incident. However, this recent video honoring Rocky garnered positive responses from fans and provided a more wholesome and well-received moment for Will to share his emotions.

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