Angela Deem has undeniably been injecting excitement into the dynamics of the show, “90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort.” With her husband mostly absent from the show, Angela has had plenty of opportunities to interact with other couples. Consequently, there have been numerous occasions when the celebrity found herself embroiled in controversies due to her intense fights and arguments.

In the midst of all this drama, fans were treated to a completely unexpected side of Angela during the latest episode. They witnessed something truly peculiar that left them questioning if Angela may have an interest in women. This revelation has raised the possibility of her concealing a hidden aspect of her identity all this time. What exactly did she do? Is she keeping secrets about her true self?

90 Day Fiance: Angela Wonders If She Is A Lesbian Upon Tackling Kalani In Bed

“90 Day Fiance” personality Angela Deem is making efforts to repair her relationship with Michael, who is currently in Nigeria. Meanwhile, the female friends from “The Last Resort” cast decided to enjoy a girls’ night out as a way to unwind from the recent stress they’ve been experiencing.

Angela, understanding the need for relaxation, brought drinks for her friends, and Molly, who owns a lingerie boutique, decided to showcase some new lingerie releases from her collection. With the latest bedroom attire in tow, they all decided to have an impromptu fashion show.

Everyone quickly got ready, and Angela opted for a pink, transparent babydoll dress. They all snapped photos while enjoying their drinks. However, it appeared that Angela couldn’t control her alcohol intake and ended up drinking to the point where she jokingly questioned her sexuality, exclaiming, “I’m a lesbian,” and bursting into laughter. This wasn’t the first time Angela had raised questions about her sexual orientation, leaving fans surprised. Shortly after this, viewers were further intrigued as she was featured playfully wrestling and tackling Kalani in bed.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Rehearses With A S*x Doll During The Kama Sutra Session

90 Day Fiance stars Angela Deem and Michael aren’t under the same roof as other couples. So, it is evident that their intimacy is badly affected because of their distance. Initially, their sex educator introduced a “Bluetooth vibrator” to them, which spiced up their bedroom life.

Michael seemed to be really happy as he was able to please his wife even in their long-distance marriage. Moreover, the couple seemed to be really obsessed with the device and couldn’t wait to use it as well. Amid all this, Angela ended up forming a bond with a sex doll!

After the lingerie fashion show and all the fun, the couples had a kama sutra class. During their recent session, Angela Deem ended up starting a brand new relationship with a “sex doll.” As Michael wasn’t present in the resort, her educators brought a substitute for him.

Hence, Deem did all the poses with her blow-up doll and practiced new methods and tricks that could improve her intimacy with Michael in real life. However, viewers were evidently grossed out by the site and couldn’t control themselves.

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