“90 Day Fiance” star Kalani Faagata is not holding back when it comes to sharing the challenges in her marriage on “The Last Resort” show. She has been remarkably candid about the issues in her relationship, explaining the reasons behind its deterioration. The celebrity even revealed a notorious “hall pass” situation that left viewers astounded.

In the midst of all this, fans were taken aback when Kalani admitted that this was not the first instance of Asuelu’s infidelity. She asserted that her husband’s acts of cheating are numerous and have occurred consistently “throughout” their entire relationship. The question arises: is this assertion true?

90 Day Fiance: Kalani Accuses Asuelu Of Cheating ‘Throughout’ Their Relationship

“90 Day Fiance” viewers were left in disbelief when Kalani exposed Asuelu’s cheating scandal on “The Last Resort.” She disclosed that he had engaged in oral intimacy with a random woman at a bar. What made matters worse was that the Samoan native offered a “hall pass” to his wife when he was caught in the act. This incident significantly worsened their marriage, to the point where they couldn’t handle the repercussions.

Adding to the shock, Kalani recently asserted that this was not the first time Asuelu had cheated on her. She accused her husband of engaging in similar behavior “throughout” their entire relationship.

During their “kama sutra” class, Kalani confessed that she was feeling “grossed out.” She added that she now thinks of Asuelu’s penis with someone else. Hence, that mere thought “disgusts” her to the core.

Kalani further revealed to a producer that her husband has been cheating on her ever since she got pregnant for the first time! She stated, “he’s cheated the whole time.” Faagata added that Asuelu’s tales of infidelity continued even when they were “dating” and when she was “pregnant.”

Kalani got emotional and added, “It’s just been this pattern.” As per Kalani, she stayed with her husband because she conceived and believed that they would be “together” forever. But now she wonders how long she can actually forgive and forget Asuelu’s cheating scandals!

90 Day Fiance: Asuelu Feels He Is A ‘Bad Person,’ Tearfully Begs For Forgiveness Now

It’s clear from Kalani and Asuelu’s appearance on “The Last Resort” that Kalani has reached a breaking point. She has had enough and has even developed an emotional connection with the person she was given a “hall pass” for.

Kalani openly admitted that she no longer feels a sexual attraction to Asuelu and characterizes their bond as more of a “friendly” one now. Witnessing all of this, Asuelu became deeply emotional and confessed that he now sees himself as a “bad guy” and pleaded for forgiveness.

The Samoan native acknowledges that he has made numerous mistakes in their relationship. However, it appears that Asuelu is now determined to change. He has expressed a strong desire to “work” on himself and improve things. He genuinely wants to treat his wife better and make amends for his past behavior.

Amidst all of this, it seems that Pulaa (referring to Asuelu) may have come to realize his mistakes rather belatedly. Kalani confessed that this was something she never wanted to occur. However, she believes that her feelings are gradually fading away, and she’s finding it increasingly difficult to control them.

Faagata emphasized that she has never felt the kind of friendly bond with Asuelu that she feels now.

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