Jasmine shocked her costars with a trip to the New York studio once her American Visa was finally approved — but not everyone was thrilled to see her

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’s Tell-All kicked off Sunday night with lots of drama, accusation, and tears.

As the couples met each other face to face, opinions flew about the other love stories, and which couples were meant for the long haul. The answer may be none, according to the pairs — who spent the pre-filming hours voting who was the most “toxic” relationship.

Jasmine and Gino won in a landslide. Coming second was Riley, who self nominated himself and Violet for the position.

Staler went as far as to call Jasmine a “horrible human,” adding, “She is the poster child for a toxic partner.” The reality stars seemed to agree: they were happy Jasmine would be virtually attending so they didn’t have to share space with her.

It didn’t take long before the cast heard the words they didn’t want to hear — “I made it to America, bitches!” Enter Jasmine, whose visa had been approved just a few days before.

It all went down in the green room, before official filming even began. Jasmine and the others headed to set to give an update on who is and isn’t still together post Before the 90 Days. Though the episode gave relationship updates for each couple this season, only a few stories were featured. There’s much more to come as the Tell-All continues next week.

Meisha and Nicola 

Nicola was making his way to America in just a few days, as his Visa had been approved. Both Nicola and Meisha said they’re ready to wed pretty much immediately, because they’ve spent their lives waiting for the right connection. “I personally am ready now. I’ve been ready for years and years,” Meisha said when asked about the timing of their pending nuptials.

Of course, there’s Meisha’s past marriage that may stand in the way. The American woman was previously married, and had two children. Because of her intense Catholic faith, not to mention Nicola who lives exclusively by the Bible, she’d need a formal annulment of that marriage by the Catholic church in order for them to get married. The pair have been waiting for an answer, and Meisha chose the 90 Day Tell-All stage to tell Nicola the results. After a commercial break cliffhanger, Meisha shared the good news that the Catholic church had granted her an annulment. “It is nothing but a celebration when you get to Minnesota with me,” Meisha told Nicola.

Though they confirmed they’ll be sharing a bed, there’s still no sex on the horizon until they’re married. The other couples took the opportunity to speculate about Nicola’s bedroom performance, especially after he said he expected sex to be “easy.”

Though Meisha and Nicola were ready for the next step, Meisha still had some hold-ups, particularly when it comes to her teenage daughters. The girls appeared to chat about their concerns with the ultra-Godly man, even stating, “We don’t want to feel like we’re trapped in our own home.” Because Nicola seemed unwilling to step away from preaching the word of God — even at his teenage step daughters — Meisha was aware she needed to evaluate their connection fiercely before they wed.

“When I think about where my relationship is headed, I have a lot of nerves because there’s no way out, as they say,” she said, seemingly referring to the Catholic church’s disapproval of divorce. “So I have to be smart about this, and it’s a mess.”

Gino and Jasmine

Jasmine is in America for good, but it didn’t seem like it was all roses. “I believe that when God created Michigan, he didn’t mean [for] people to live there because it is so cold,” she said when sharing her thoughts on her new surroundings.

Gino and Jasmine’s current life as a couple seemed peaceful enough, but the presence of Jasmine’s ex, Dane, threatened to upend that completely. Jasmine was asked when the last time she saw her friend was, and she said they went for a “goodbye dinner” before she moved. It happened to be on Valentine’s Day… and he may have brought her flowers and a card. But Jasmine insisted it wasn’t a date and there was nothing romantic about it.

This was upsetting to Gino, who hadn’t heard of the goodbye dinner. Of her ongoing connection with Dane, and her decision to share her Gino sex problems with the third party, Jasmine said, “Feeling that rejection of that person that you love over and over again, I needed that validation from a male perspective.”

Next up was the truth about Jasmine’s sex tape with the man. She swore it happened before she met Gino. He asked to see the tape — a statement questioned by the other couples. But Gino explained he just wanted to check the timestamp to make sure the video wasn’t more recent than Jasmine claimed.

The pair debated about Dane being involved in Jasmine’s life, even as a friend. It seemed their biggest hurdle was his continued presence. Gino and Jasmine’s story will continue as they appear on season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé, coming in October.

Statler and Dempsey 

A giant move was on the horizon for Statler — and it’s actually a huge move for Dempsey as well. Statler is officially moving to the UK to be with Dempsey full time, and Dempsey is moving, too. They’re leaving behind her life on the farm for life on the road. The women were nervous about the tight layout of Dempsey’s trailer, but were actually downsizing to a camper van.

“It’s like the ultimate Lesbian dream,” Statler joked.

As they travel around Europe, Dempsey won’t be working, which means Statler will become the sole breadwinner. She admitted there are “a ton of reservations” about her life with Dempsey because she’d “like a partner who is also financially independent.” But their road life decision leaves no options for farmer Dempsey.

Of the space on the bus, Statler said, “I’m trying to push myself because I’m trying to grow as a person, and I think this will do it. But there will be a working toilet. I’m insisting on that.”

Though the pair were excited for their new path together, Statler’s friends weren’t so sure Dempsey is the one. A pal stepped up to speak on Statler’s wild past with girlfriends, all of whom she fell in love with quickly. The friend said it’s Statler’s M.O. to move fast — and they’re not sure Dempsey is “special” in that regard.

Christian and Cleo

There was no update from Christian and Cleo about their living situation, or future plans. However, the couple did share that they’re still in a relationship after Christian left the U.K.

Riley and Violet

Riley and Violet parted ways after their argumentative time together. What hangs in the balance is Violet’s alleged pregnancy — one Riley wasn’t sure is actually real.

“There’s science, and then there’s miracles,” Riley said, reminding his colleagues that he is on medication that makes it nearly impossible for him to father a child. “The timeline, the dates were not making sense. I believe that you would lie to get me to commit.”

Later, Riley reiterated the point. “She wanted me to chase and fight for her. That is the toxic part of our whole relationship where I now believe that she would lie to get me to commit,” he said.

The whole thing made Violet sob as she felt the offense of Riley’s statements. As for the result of the pregnancy, fans will have to wait for next week. The episode ended on a baby reveal cliffhanger.

Amanda and Razvan

There was much to be revealed for Amanda and Razvan. Their relationship status was not explored on Sunday night’s episode, except for Razvan admitting he needed to “take a step back” after Amanda left him in Romania.

David and Sheila

David and Sheila’s relationship status has barely been explored on the Tell-All. Currently, all viewers know is that the pair is still together — and Sheila isn’t a fan of David’s new beard.

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