Whitney Way Thore’s behavior on My Big Fat Fabulous Life has often sparked questions and concerns among fans. Her recent actions have once again left viewers scratching their heads and wondering what is happening with her. From hygiene habits to her interactions with friends and family, fans have noticed peculiarities that have them freaking out. So, what exactly has caught their attention?

In a Reddit thread, one user speculated whether Whitney might be exhibiting signs of mania. They observed that since her mother’s passing, she seems much happier but also like a different person. Others have also noticed changes in her behavior, with some describing her as controlling and even mimicking her friends’ accents. There have been suggestions that she is morphing into her late mother, Babs, who held a significant matriarchal role in the family dynamics. However, it’s important to note that the term “manic” has not been widely used in discussions.

Some fans have expressed concern that Whitney and her brother, Hunter, are pushing their father, Glenn, to move on too quickly after Babs’ passing. Additionally, the introduction of their new sister, Angie, has raised questions about Whitney’s level of control in conversations with her father. Fans have noticed that she often speaks on his behalf and doesn’t allow him to express his own thoughts. Speculation arises whether this behavior is a coping mechanism for Whitney in dealing with her grief.

It is worth noting that fans’ observations and opinions shared on social media platforms like Reddit are subjective and based on personal interpretations. Without a complete understanding of the individuals involved and their circumstances, it is challenging to draw definitive conclusions about Whitney’s behavior.

As the show continues, it remains to be seen how Whitney’s character will evolve and whether her actions will be further explained or addressed on the series.

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