The most jaw-dropping moments from the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Tell-All Part 1 which made eyes go wide and the live audience gasp.

After 16 weeks, 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 6 has finally reached its Tell All stage, and Part 1 had a list of shocking moments. The 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, which is one of the franchise’s most-watched reality TV shows, premiered on June 4, 2023. There were seven new couples preparing to meet their international partners for the first time, along with Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo, who got engaged in season 5.

Amanda Wilhelm and Razvan Ciocoi, Tyray Mollett and Carmella, Riley Diego and Violet Tuyet, Christian Allgood and Cleo C, David Dangerfield and Sheila Mangubat, Meisha Johnson and Nicola Kanaan and Statler Riley and Dempsey Wilkinson were all a part of the cast for 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days in 2023. The reunion episode, which has been divided into two parts and features a live audience for the first time, reveals what the cast members have been up to in their lives since filming.

10.Cast Members Rank Jasmine Number One In “Toxicity”

As Christian, Statler, Meisha, David, Amanda, and Riley assembled backstage ahead of them taping the Tell All, they discussed who they thought had the “most toxic relationship.” Riley said he would probably be number two, while Meisha and Statler agreed Gino and Jasmine would be number one. Statler admitted she used to think Gino is the “scum of the Earth,” but she now thinks Gino should be “protected at all costs”. Statler called Jasmine a “horrible human” and the “poster child” for a toxic partner. She believed Jasmine was triggering. David, via an interpreter, mocked Jasmine for crying 24/7. Statler was glad they were not going to be sitting in the same room as Jasmine.

9. Gino Has Shocking News For The Cast – Jasmine Is In America

Then Gino walked in and was met with awkward silence. Gino told the cameras that anything could happen and that he had some shocking news for his fellow co-stars. While they considered asking Gino what he was talking about, in walked Jasmine saying, “I made it to America, bi*.” Jasmine called the Embassy in Panama a nightmare. But she finally got her visa and made it to the U.S. Jasmine revealed that although the cast didn’t know, she could hear what they were saying about her as she was outside the room listening to them being judgmental.

8. Jasmine Calls Meisha A Bully

Jasmine started her meeting with the cast members by letting them know that she heard everything. “All I can say is that I very familiar with all your stories,” Jasmine said. She reminded them that they all had baggage and issues. But Statler asked Jasmine if she recognized that she was toxic. Meisha told Gino that she was very worried about him. Meisha said she loved having an opinion and was entitled to it. “That’s very bully of you,” Jasmine told Meisha. She was in no mood to hide her own opinion about her co-stars who were judging her.

7. Jasmine Went To A “Goodbye Dinner” With Ex-Boyfriend On Valentine’s Day

Jasmine’s close friendship with her Australian ex-boyfriend Dane was the talk of the town when she introduced the man to the audience. Jasmine was asked if she had any other meetings with Dane that Gino wasn’t aware of. Jasmine revealed Dane “proposed” a goodbye dinner when she was unsure about when she would be coming back to Panama. The dinner took place on February 14, 2023, and Jasmine claimed she found out it was Valentine’s Day only when she went to the restaurant. She called it the “day of friends.” Gino wanted to know if Jasmine and Dane “had sex after that.” Jasmine got a card, flowers, and dinner from her ex-lover.

6. Jasmine Still Has Intimate Video She Made With Dane Before Gino

Jasmine had previously threatened Gino with an intimate video she had made with Dane a month before Gino came to Panama on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 6. Back then, she said she didn’t have a video. However, Jasmine came clean during the reunion. She said, “We did one sex video just for fun.” Jasmine said she’d told Gino about him, but he denied it. Jasmine had apparently done crazy things in the past with her ex-husband and Dane, the only two people she had dated in her life. Jasmine said she still had the video on a “memory stick.” Gino wanted to see it to check the time stamp.

5. Statler & Dempsey Are Buying A Camper Van Together

Dempsey had “big news” to share with her cast member friends at the Tell All. She said she and Statler were looking to buy a camper van, so they could travel to different countries in Europe full-time. Statler called it the “ultimate lesbian dream.” Dempsey had been selling all of her things to finance the idea. Statler was still hesitant and decided to hold off until the last minute when it came to selling her possessions. Dempsey confessed she didn’t really have a job to rely on, while Statler, on the other hand, works from home. Statler was going to be the “breadwinner” for a few months. They’d never talked about finances at that point.

4. Nicola & Meisha React To Statler Having Sex In A Church

Statler had been open about her sex life right from her 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days introduction. When Statler was exploring her sexuality, she used to get intimate with multiple women in one night. She has had sex in a busy elevator and even in Church “when Mass was happening.” The conversation made Nicola and Meisha uncomfortable. Nicola made a serious face and said, “I think it’s not a respectable conversation you know, when you’re mocking God.” He asked Statler why she had to go to the Church and have sex there. Nicola said what Statler did was a big sin. Meisha didn’t say anything, but her expressions did.

3. Meisha Finally Has An Annulment, Nicola Comes To U.S.

Meisha told Nicola and the audience that she finally was granted an annulment. Meisha had been waiting for it for a year and a half. The Tribunal for the Archdiocese had to decide if she could marry again. She put all her faith in the Church to make the decision for her. Meisha received a positive answer from the Tribunal. In other happy news, Nicola was coming to New York in a few days after the Tell All filming date. Meisha was going to fly to Minnesota with Nicola. She couldn’t wait for him to go to the beer gardens and the state fairs while he lived in America for the first time.

2. Meisha’s Daughters Express Concern Over Meisha-Nicola’s Relationship

Meisha is “ready” to marry Nicola “now,” and so is he. Meisha’s daughters Morea and Svea have expressed doubts at Meisha’s relationship with Nicola. They don’t see Nicola being an excellent stepdad to them. They feel they will be judged by Nicola for doing regular teenage stuff. They don’t want to feel trapped in their own home once Nicola starts living there. At the end of the day, they don’t want their relationship with her mom to suffer. Meanwhile, Nicola wants Meisha to continue being the boss of the house. Meisha’s daughters don’t want Nicola to voice his concerns to Meisha, but she has assured them that they shouldn’t worry about Nicola.

1. Riley Reveals Why Violet May Have Faked Being Pregnant

Riley said Violet had told him about being pregnant with his baby right after he came back from his Vietnam trip. Riley had doubts about the pregnancy since he is on a medication that leaves him with a very low chance of impregnating someone. Violet took a pregnancy test in front of Riley, but he wanted her to go to an English-speaking doctor to confirm. He believes her ultimate goal to make Riley feel he was the father of her baby was to make him stop from walking away. He thinks Violet wanted him to chase her. The 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star believes Violet could have lied to get him to commit, just to manipulate him.

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