In a recent preview for Sister Wives, a shocking truth about the Brown family was revealed, which has led fans to see Janelle Brown in a new light. It is disclosed that Kody Brown, Janelle’s husband, had been confiding in her for years about not finding Christine, another wife, attractive. This revelation surprised fans, as it was believed to be taboo for Kody to discuss his relationships with one wife to another. However, fans suspected that such conversations might have taken place occasionally, including with Robyn, another wife.

Learning about Kody’s confessions to Janelle made fans feel sad for all of Kody’s wives and provided them with a new understanding of the lack of trust within the family. Fans now realize that the wives were likely worried about what Kody said about them when he spoke to his other wives. This lack of trust and transparency among the family members is seen as a significant issue.

Fans on Reddit discussed the situation, expressing their surprise at the lack of trust and the awkward position in which the wives found themselves. They also questioned Christine’s claim of being blindsided by her decision to leave, considering that Kody had been open about his problems with her to his other wives. Some fans found it strange that Kody had six children with someone he claimed not to be attracted to and questioned why he was bothered by Christine leaving if he found her unattractive.

Overall, this shocking family truth has caused fans to reassess their views on Janelle and has shed light on the lack of trust and transparency within the Brown family.

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