From the beginning of the TLC show Welcome to Plathville, Moriah Plath appeared discontented with her life and had a strong desire to escape. Initially, it was her sister-in-law, Olivia, who introduced her to the real world, but Moriah’s gratitude seems to have waned. In Season 5, she broke up with Ethan and had few positive things to say about his wife.

Ethan and Olivia helped Moriah when she left the farm in Cairo, Georgia, seeking to distance herself from aspects such as prayer closets and limited access to sodas. She ventured off and found herself a boyfriend who rode a motorcycle, much to the dismay of her parents, Kim and Barry. For a while, she enjoyed her newfound freedom with Max Kallschmidt. However, when he cheated on her, she blamed him, despite her own behavior, including wearing revealing clothing and flirting with other guys.

Moriah Plath appeared devastated when her relationship with Max ended. Her happiness came to an end in Tampa, where she lived with Ethan, Olivia, and Nathan Meggs. During that time, she began posting photos of herself looking melancholic and lost, almost embracing a Gothic appearance. She got a tattoo that read “Rebel,” but it didn’t bring her the happiness she sought. Eventually, she returned to her parents, seemingly criticizing Olivia before rediscovering her faith.

Spoilers for the show revealed that Moriah asked her father to baptize her. Adult baptism is not uncommon in certain Christian churches, as it symbolizes a spiritual rebirth and acceptance of Jesus as one’s personal savior. Moriah and her father performed the ritual, and in an extensive Instagram post, the TLC star discussed leaving her troubles behind:

“After years of seeking freedom in all the wrong places, which only left me feeling more empty and depressed, I accepted Jesus as my savior and surrendered my life to Him. I still face challenges, but now I know I don’t face them alone. I’m not perfect, and I used to carry the weight of every mistake I made, until I realized that God knew I wasn’t perfect. That’s why He sent His son to die for us!”

Some fans suggested that Moriah should consider seeking therapeutic counseling, while others applauded her decision. One follower expressed hope, stating, “This gives so much hope to so many! Praise the Lord for His goodness. You have a wonderful dad who has shown you the love of your Heavenly Father.” Conversely, another follower questioned her decision, saying, “Oh honey, didn’t you just escape from this?” While Moriah did distance herself from her faith at one point, she discovered that running away did not bring her peace and happiness. Perhaps this newfound faith will truly make a positive impact on her life, as everyone has unique needs that influence their journey.

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