In the midseason trailer for ‘The Other Way’, Brandan’s mother is hostile to a relationship with Mary as splits loom large for many couples, including a glass-shattering shriek from newlywed Kimberly

Things are getting real — and loud — on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

Monday night’s episode ended with a tease of what’s to come in the rest of the season — from marriage and intimacy to one couple’s holiday gone wrong. Now the couples must face their do-or-die moment, making vows and taking account of the state of their partnerships and living situations.

The teaser starts with an extravagant wedding between Kimberly and TJ, who are all smiles as fireworks sparkle over their nearly scrapped nuptials in India — but if Kimberly’s banshee-like screech of frustration at TJ is any indication, the couple is far from happily ever after.

“What do you expect from me?” TJ asks. In yells, Kimberly responds, “Maybe give me a f—ing hug, and say I’m sorry!” For TJ the answer is simple: “I’m not doing that.” He points her back in the direction of America if she’s unhappy.

Holly and Wayne appear to have tied the knot, too, when they’re shown snuggled up in bed. After waiting for intimacy until marriage, Wayne asks Holly if he’s “satisfied” her — but Holly isn’t saying too much. “Was I a sex God like you said?” he asks.

Brandan and Mary are playfully in love, it seems, as Brandan teases, “This is gonna be messy” and shoves a pie in Mary’s face.

Brandan’s mother is less amused as she arrives in the Philippines after having heard many complaints from the early days of her son’s relationship.

“As far as me and Mary having some sort of good relationship, that’s not happening,” says Brandan’s mom, It’s unclear if the mother knows Brandan and Mary are expecting a child, or if the couple still need to break the news to her.

Daniele and Yohan’s relationship may be in the most dire state, though. Yohan is sorting his clothing as he prepares to leaves Daniele on Christmas. At first, it seems Daniele — who is dressed as an elf — is keen on letting go. That is, until he scoops up her puppy in his arms.

“My husband wants to leave me at the happiest time of the year,” Daniele says in a confessional. To Yohan, she yells, “You’re not going anywhere with my dog. Give me the dog. I want him out of my house now!”

Cameras caught all of the tense moments between the couple, who have been feuding over money, their lifestyles and a potential future as parents for some time.

Kenny and Armando’s plans for a child could be derailed, too, as their daughter, Hannah, asks not to have a baby. “You are my No. 1,” Armando tells his daughter. In a confessional, he admits, “I don’t want her to be upset.”

As for Shekinah and Sarper, they’re still keeping it sexy, with Sarper dressing as a construction worker to put on a striptease as his girlfriend settles into her life Turkey.

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