Karen Derrico, the matriarch of the Derrico family from the show “Doubling Down With the Derricos,” continues to impress her fans with her incredible positivity and ability to manage a household with over a dozen children while also working. Although fans are eagerly waiting for the family’s return on TLC, Karen keeps sharing glimpses of their life on social media. In her latest Instagram post, she surprises her followers with a new look.

Karen showcases her slim figure in the video, wearing tight jeans and multiple tops. Her hair is down, and she adorns a floral headband. Fans are quick to notice her transformation and are amazed by how great she looks. In the caption, Karen expresses her positive vibes for the day, stating, “Attracting nothing but good vibrations this Friday!” Her happiness shines through in the video, and fans can’t help but compliment her appearance.

Fans flooded the comments section with compliments and admiration for Karen’s beauty and ability to maintain her figure despite being a mother of 14 children. One fan wonders how she manages to look so stunning, while another praises her as one of God’s true blessings for carrying and delivering 14 children while maintaining a fit physique. Many fans also inquired about the show’s return, but Karen couldn’t provide any details due to her non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with TLC. Nevertheless, her fans continue to appreciate her beauty and eagerly await the family’s return to the screen.

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