Christian and Cleo became a focal point for viewers due to their tumultuous storyline. Cleo, in particular, garnered a significant amount of affection from the audience for her upbeat and authentic demeanor. However, fans repeatedly criticized Christian for not treating his partner with the respect she deserved.

In addition to their personal challenges, Christian’s family was hesitant to embrace Cleo as his life partner, adding another layer of difficulty to their relationship. The couple has been working diligently to address their doubts and navigate their issues regarding their future together. In a previous episode, fans witnessed Allgood packing his bags and contemplating a return to America.

Fans have been guessing their future storyline ever since Christian left. Finally, the 90 Day Fiance celeb opened up about his current relationship status. Are they still together?

90 Day Fiance: Christian Allgood Shares A Major Update On His Relationship With Cleo!

Christian and Cleo, despite being the newest additions to the franchise, have managed to grab headlines on multiple occasions. Recently, they experienced a rollercoaster of emotions when Christian returned to America in the latest episode. The stars of “Before the 90 Day Fiance” openly acknowledged that their relationship has faced challenges, and they have much to work through.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the couple’s reunion after their recent rough patch. Now, it seems that Allgood is ready to share his current relationship status with fans. Recently, the 90 Day Fiance celebrity posted a special photo featuring himself and his lady love.

In the picture, Christian and Cleo stand side by side, raising their cocktails in a celebratory toast to their relationship. Both wear smiles on their faces, radiating happiness and positivity. Christian sports a grey t-shirt and a black polo cap while proudly displaying his mustache, while Cleo looks comfortable in a dress paired with a green cardigan.
In the caption, Allgood wrote, “Cat’s out of the bag!” and conveyed his joy at being able to share a post about his relationship with Cleo without giving away any spoilers to viewers. He continued by saying, “Here’s just a photo of us together in Minnesota enjoying some cocktails and dinner with good friends.” Fans were thrilled to see the couple finally reunited. One fan even mentioned, “I thought I saw you two in Bloomington in June, maybe going to Hunan restaurant.” Another fan offered congratulations to Christian and Cleo for successfully overcoming the challenges they faced.

90 Day Fiance: Did Christian & Cleo Exchange Rings?

Christian and Cleo have laid bare their challenging journey on the 90 Day Fiance franchise, allowing fans to witness the ups and downs of their relationship. Christian, in particular, has often faced criticism for not fully appreciating his girlfriend.

While the couple has disclosed their current relationship status, they have not revealed the specific reason for Cleo’s visit to America. Fans are eager to know whether she arrived on a K1 Visa or a tourist visa to reunite with her American partner. If Cleo entered the country on a K1 Visa, it would indicate that they are already engaged in the K-1 visa process.

In the latest pictures, the couple did not appear to be wearing rings on their fingers. This leaves fans wondering whether Christian and Cleo have yet to exchange rings, or if they have already done so off-screen. To learn more about their actual relationship status, viewers will have to stay tuned and share their thoughts in the comment section.

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