Bilal and Shaeeda, beloved stars of ’90 Day Fiance,’ have consistently held a special place in viewers’ hearts. Their enduring love has weathered numerous challenges, with one of the most prominent being their desire to start a family.

Their journey was marked by heated arguments and conflicts until Bilal eventually agreed to expand their family. Tragically, Shaeeda experienced a devastating miscarriage, which was an incredibly trying ordeal for the couple. Despite the heartbreak, they recently made the decision to share their plans for a potential second pregnancy with their devoted fans. What lies ahead for Bilal and Shaeeda?

90 Day Fiance: Bilal & Shaeeda Claim They Are ‘Optimistic’ About Another Pregnancy

Fans of ’90 Day Fiance’ will forever cherish the iconic moment when Bilal knelt down and presented Shaeeda with a onesie during their memorable Tell All episode. It symbolized their commitment to embarking on the journey to parenthood, and the prospect of Shaeeda cradling her own child in her arms.

Shortly after, the couple joyfully announced their pregnancy, evoking tears of happiness from viewers. However, Bilal and Shaeeda’s dreams were tragically shattered when they experienced a heart-wrenching miscarriage in February.

Despite enduring such a profound loss, they have now opened up about their intentions for another pregnancy. Bilal, with pride, declared, ‘We remain unwaveringly hopeful about our future,’ during the 10th-anniversary celebration of the ’90 Day Fiance’ franchise.

Bilal expressed his optimism, stating that he sees a “promising future” ahead. He is genuinely hopeful about what lies ahead for them. Shaeeda had previously shared that they’ve begun “trying” for another child, although the exact timing of conception remains uncertain.

Shaeeda also touched upon the incredible support she received from the “90 Day Fiance” viewers. She admitted that she initially had reservations about her age, feeling she might be “too old” to have another child. However, after reading the comments from the fanbase, Shaeeda came to realize that she had a strong and supportive community backing her up.

90 Day Fiance: Shaeeda & Bilal’s Relationship Grew Stronger After Their Miscarriage

“90 Day Fiance” star Shaeeda Sween had been resolute in her decision to part ways with Bilal if he didn’t agree to have a child with her. She was adamant about not staying in the relationship if he violated the baby clause in their prenuptial agreement. This tension had a significant impact on their relationship.

However, it appears that things are improving for the couple. Recently, Shaeeda shared how her bond with Bilal has deepened as a result of their miscarriage. She disclosed that Bilal became visibly “emotional,” providing her with a profound sense of companionship during the loss. This emotional connection has brought them closer together.

Shaeeda vividly remembered the heartbreaking moment when she was in tears at the hospital, and Bilal, despite his efforts to remain strong, couldn’t help but shed tears too. This poignant moment made her understand that having a child was just as significant to her husband, and he stood firmly by her side.

Following this emotional experience, it appears that the couple is now brimming with optimism about their future. They are making every effort to realize their dream of having a child before Shaeeda reaches the age of 40. Shaeeda even mentioned that she’s adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking all the necessary steps to increase her chances of conceiving.

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