Tammy Slaton, known for her appearance on the reality show 1000-Lb Sisters, has reached her breaking point with online trolls and is standing up for herself. The criticism revolves around her use of filters in her social media photos. Let’s dive into the details of why followers are upset and how Tammy responded to them.

Tammy Slaton is an active user on various social media platforms, and she enjoys experimenting with filters in her posts. Her sister, Amy Halterman, also shares a fondness for filters. However, not all of their followers appreciate the heavy use of filters, and many have requested that they post more authentic photos. The constant requests have prompted the sisters to address the issue.

Finally reaching her limit with the negativity and rude comments, Tammy decided to confront the criticism head-on. In an Instagram video, she responded directly to a comment that demanded she stop using filters and show her real appearance. With a sarcastic look, Tammy told the camera, “This is what I really look like. Okay? Have a nice day, babe.”

While Tammy is likely to continue facing trolls and haters, the majority of comments on the video were positive and supportive. One follower pointed out that Tammy films a TV show without filters and has been open and vulnerable, questioning why people take issue with filters on her social media. Another commenter expressed support, stating that filters are fun and Tammy should be able to do whatever she wants on her own Instagram profile.

Overall, it appears that most of Tammy’s followers agree with her stance. She has the right to use filters or not, as it is her personal profile.

Fans of the show are eagerly anticipating the upcoming season to witness Tammy’s transformation on-screen. After undergoing bariatric surgery, she has been working diligently toward her weight loss goals, evident from her noticeably thinner face compared to previous seasons. Tammy has confirmed that Season 5 of 1000-Lb Sisters is happening, leaving her dedicated fans excited to see the remarkable progress she has made. While a specific release date has not been confirmed by TLC, it is widely believed that new episodes will air in December.

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