Recent reports suggest that 1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton holds an unfavorable opinion of her sister Amy’s new partner. While Amy was previously married to Michael Halterman, their relationship faced challenges in Season 4 of the show, leading to their separation. Now, Amy has moved on with someone new, but it seems that Tammy doesn’t approve. So, what exactly is the issue?

According to The Sun, Amy’s new boyfriend is named Tony Rodgers. A source close to the family revealed that Tammy allegedly considers Tony to be “a piece of c**p.” The source also mentioned Tammy’s concern about Amy moving on too quickly after her split from Michael Halterman. However, Amy reportedly sees her new relationship as a rebound and a way to have fun. Additionally, Tammy apparently believes that Tony is not good with Amy’s sons, although specific examples were not provided by The Sun.

While fans are hesitant to pass judgment on Tony based solely on Tammy’s opinion, it’s worth noting that Tammy and Amy have a history of antagonizing each other. It’s possible that Tammy’s negative remarks about Amy’s boyfriend could stem from their ongoing sibling disputes.

Meanwhile, Amy seems to be enjoying her low-key romance with Tony. Many fans were unaware of her new relationship until recently. According to The Sun, Amy and Tony have been dating for about three months. After having her marriage documented on television, it’s understandable that she would prefer a more private relationship this time.

It’s important to remember that Tammy may simply be looking out for her younger sister, as the family expressed concerns about Tammy’s own engagement to Caleb Willingham last season. They believed she was rushing into things and worried about the longevity of their marriage. As fans know, Tammy and Caleb ultimately separated a few months after getting married, and Caleb tragically passed away later on.

As more information about Tony Rodgers becomes available, fans will have a better understanding of his role in Amy’s life. It’s crucial to approach the situation with an open mind and consider the complex dynamics within the Slaton family.

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