Adam Busby, known for his role in TLC’s OutDaughtered, is facing criticism from fans who believe he is openly flouting the law by using his phone while driving and sharing it on social media. Concerned viewers have taken to Reddit to discuss their worries about Adam’s actions and the potential risks involved. Let’s delve into the details.

One Reddit user expressed frustration, stating, “Adam loves to record on his phone while the kids are in the car rather than keeping his eyes on the road! It takes just a split second for something bad to happen.” Fans are concerned about the lack of safety precautions and fear that it may take a tragic event for Adam and his wife Danielle to prioritize safety.

Adam has often defended himself against fans’ concerns, stating that they are driving in low-speed areas, parking lots, or pick-up lines. However, fans argue that safety should not be compromised regardless of the driving environment.

It is worth noting that Adam’s actions appear to be in violation of the law in Texas. According to the FVF law firm, using handheld devices while driving has been illegal in the state since 2017. Drivers are prohibited from making phone calls, texting, browsing the internet, or using similar devices while behind the wheel.

The Reddit thread reflects fans’ frustration and disappointment with Adam and Danielle’s disregard for safety. Many commenters believe that it is impossible for Adam to focus on the road while vlogging. Some fans suggested that he can only legally use his phone if it is completely hands-free.

In conclusion, fans of OutDaughtered are expressing concerns about Adam Busby’s habit of using his phone while driving, as it goes against the law and poses potential risks. They hope that he will prioritize the safety of his family and others on the road.

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