Whitney Way Thore, the star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL), initially gained attention for her vibrant personality and dedication, inspiring many people along the way to embrace the idea that weight is just a number. The show has been loved by viewers for its compelling storyline, documenting Whitney’s journey.

However, recently fans have been expressing their dissatisfaction with Whitney, feeling that she is more focused on her celebrity status rather than her actual goals. In Season 11, she has been receiving a lot of hate for what fans perceive as faking drama for the show’s success. And now, fans have identified another instance where they believe she has been deceptive on the show.

In a recent episode of MBFFL, Whitney was featured alongside Jessica Powell. Fans noticed what they considered a major blunder, leading them to believe that the episode was scripted. In the scene, Whitney encouraged her father, Glenn Thore, to participate in water aerobics. However, Jessica claimed to have a fear of water and seemed reluctant to engage in the activity.

Fans pointed out that they had seen Jessica involved in water activities before, which contradicted her claim. A fan took to Reddit to discuss Jessica’s alleged lies, captioning the post with “More fakeness about this drama.” They highlighted instances where Jessica had been in bodies of water, such as paddleboarding in the lake with Ryan and visiting a waterfall.

The user expressed their disappointment and questioned why they even watched the show. Many others joined the discussion, sharing similar views about the matter. One fan mentioned that they had been wondering about this inconsistency and pointed out that Jessica had previously gone white water rafting. Another fan expressed their disbelief, stating that they used to believe there was truth in the show.

It seems that fans are becoming increasingly critical of Whitney and the show, feeling that certain aspects are staged or manipulated for dramatic effect. These revelations have led to a sense of disappointment among viewers who had initially found inspiration in Whitney’s journey.

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