The My Big Fat Fabulous Life franchise has become a favorite among audiences over the years. Whitney Way Thore, the star of the show, first connected with viewers in 2015 through her inspiring journey. Fans have admired her efforts and the strength she has shown in advocating for body positivity.

Whitney has documented her journey for eleven consecutive seasons, and the new season of the reality TV show has already premiered. The audience is currently witnessing the chaos in Whitney’s family following the passing of her mother, Babs.

Fans are now curious to know if TLC will renew My Big Fat Fabulous Life for another season and what Whitney’s future holds. Here’s what you can expect from Season 12.

Season 11 of the show has primarily focused on the tragic death of Whitney’s mother, Babs, and completing her father Glenn’s bucket list. The audience has also been introduced to new cast members, including Angie and her family. Glenn has reunited with his long-lost family after his wife’s passing and is now checking off items from his bucket list. Fans are eager to see how the MBFFL stars navigate the loss of a beloved family member and how their lives unfold.

One aspect that viewers can expect in Season 12 is Whitney’s weight loss journey. When she started her journey, she weighed around 400 pounds, but she has been shedding a significant amount of weight both on and off camera. Previously, Whitney attributed her weight loss to grief after her mother’s death, but fans have been speculating about the sudden weight loss. It is likely that her weight loss journey will be a prominent plotline in the upcoming season.

Additionally, the show has introduced Angie and her family, but only a little has been revealed about them so far. Whitney has been sharing many fun-filled moments with her niece and secret sister recently, indicating that viewers can expect to see more of Whitney’s long-lost family in Season 12.

Overall, fans can anticipate another season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life with new developments in Whitney’s life, including her weight loss journey and the exploration of her extended family.

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