90 Day Fiancé’s Loren Brovarnik is being slammed for her recent natural surgery claims. It’s not the first time she has been problematic on Instagram.

90 Day Fiancé star Loren Brovarnik’s newest Instagram posts are creating quite a stir, most recently her surgery makeover. Loren has been married to Alexei Brovarnik since the couple joined 90 Day Fiancé season 2. She’s quite popular on Instagram, where she boasts of over a million followers. Loren is loved for her appearances on Pillow Talk and has also starred in two seasons of a reality TV spin-off called Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days, which was about their growing family. Loren’s new content about her being a mom is what her fans find relatable.

Loren has spoken about living with Tourette’s syndrome on her social media and other vulnerable moments with fans, such as postpartum depression. Loren’s third pregnancy was traumatic as her daughter was born prematurely. Loren’s back-to-back pregnancies starting in 2020 took a toll on her physically and mentally. It’s now been a year since Loren welcomed her third baby in September 2022. Loren has started taking her mommy influencer career seriously, but in the race to gain more engagement and followers, she’s promoting content that’s unrelatable.

Loren Was Called Out For “Dangerous” Workout Video With Baby

In May 2023, Loren posted a video from an intense workout session, only to get backlash from her followers. The 34-year-old was doing the battle rope exercise at her gym and wore slippers and socks with her gym outfit. Meanwhile, Loren’s daughter was next to her on the floor, crying. Loren’s comments are from angry fans telling her things such as, “Not a good idea where baby was put. Dangerous” and “Your daughter should be in daycare not crawling around where there is tons of germs !!!!”

While the fans worried about baby Ariel’s health and safety, some showed concern for Loren too. “I’m concerned your trainer is allowing you to work out in slides. As someone who has worked in a gym, that is so dangerous,” wrote another fan. Loren replied to them, saying she had been working with the trainer since before her first son was born. Loren claimed they were doing workouts that allowed her to “workout safely.”

Loren Has Promoted Scammy Giveaways On Instagram

Loren’s now-deleted Instagram post from March 2023 was about her giving away a luxury bag or cash to her followers. She posted a picture where she and Alexei were seated on a couch surrounded by Louis Vuitton bags that looked photoshopped. Loren announced that in the giveaway, one could either win an LV Neverfull bag costing $2,030 or cash. She wanted her followers to head a particular Instagram page. There, they would have to follow all the accounts that this page was following. Loren’s followers admitted they were “disappointed” in her. They shamed her for sharing clickbait posts while noting that they had to follow several accounts to qualify for the contest.

Loren Teamed Up With Controversial Shopping Website

In August 2023, Loren posted several mirror selfies wearing different dresses. “Most of my outfits you see come from @temu,” Loren wrote in her caption as she proceeded to call it her secret obsession while praising the prices and quality of the garments. 90 Day Fiancé fans didn’t seem to agree with Loren supporting the online marketplace. “Please consider not supporting companies that utilize modern day slavery,” one fan commented. The fast fashion retailer has also been accused of forced labor and regularly violating U.S. import tariff law.

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