Whitney Way Thore is actively working to help her father, Glenn, find joy and excitement after the loss of Babs. She created a bucket list for him, hoping to keep him engaged in fulfilling experiences. However, some fans have criticized Whitney for exerting too much control over her father’s life. They believe she is making all the decisions for him and manipulating him to suit her own desires.

One incident that caused a stir among fans was when Whitney removed all of Babs’ belongings from Glenn’s closet, which saddened him. Now, it seems that Whitney is trying to overshadow her father’s experiences. Frustrated with her behavior, Glenn finally confronted her about it.

In the latest season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Glenn has undergone a significant transformation, pursuing activities he has always wanted to try. However, Whitney has been accused of taking charge of her father’s life, making him feel miserable in the process. When Glenn participated in a photo shoot with a couple, Whitney took control of the behind-the-scenes moments, leaving her father with limited involvement.

Fans of the show noticed that Whitney was dominating the shoot and giving instructions to the couple, disregarding her father’s wishes. Glenn eventually reached his breaking point and confronted Whitney, expressing his disappointment and questioning why the shoot was supposed to be his but she took over. However, Whitney seemed unresponsive to her father’s concerns, claiming that as a videographer, she needed to be behind the scenes.

Glenn later shared that it was Whitney who proposed the idea of the photo shoot, and he had expected to have a more significant role in it. He expressed his frustration, feeling that Whitney had stolen his moment and overshadowed his own experience.

The dynamics between Whitney and Glenn continue to be a topic of discussion among fans, as they observe the extent of Whitney’s control over her father’s life and the impact it has on their relationship.

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