Fans of Welcome to Plathville have expressed their dissatisfaction with Moriah Plath and her treatment of her new dog, prompting a discussion on Reddit. The thread, which has garnered nearly 100 comments in just 16 hours, highlights fans’ concerns about Moriah’s actions towards her pet.

The criticism directed at Moriah extends beyond her treatment of the dog; fans are also upset that she even acquired the dog in the first place. They argue that getting a dog was an impulsive and immature decision, with little consideration for the well-being and needs of the animal.

One Reddit user, the original poster of the thread, questions why Moriah, who lives in a small living space, chose to get such a large dog. They express sympathy for the dog, stating, “Why the h*ll did Moriah get a GIANT dog when she lives in what looks like a studio apartment with a tiny balcony? I feel bad for the dog.”

Unfortunately, many fans of Welcome to Plathville suspect that the dog is merely a prop and will eventually disappear or be re-homed. They point out that TLC shows have a history of using dogs as accessories, with little genuine care shown towards them. This perception has led to frustration among viewers, who often express their concerns on social media platforms like Reddit.

Some comments from frustrated TLC fans regarding Moriah’s dog include:

  • “I have an ugly feeling the dog will end up gone and never talked about again. She doesn’t seem responsible to take care of herself, yet alone a doggie. I have a feeling she’ll end up taking it back to where she adopted it from, or rehomed or something like that.”
  • “Because she got it for aesthetics.”
  • “Poor Blackjack.”

However, not all fans criticized Moriah’s actions. Some rushed to her defense, suggesting that as a single young woman, it made sense for her to have a large dog for protection. Others pointed out that she could easily provide the dog with exercise by taking it on walks and to the park. A few fans also mentioned that Blackjack appeared to be well cared for and questioned the extent of the hate directed towards Moriah.

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