Welcome to Plathville fans have been speculating about who has taken over homeschooling the younger Plath children after Kim Plath’s departure with Ken Palmer. While this topic has been discussed before, recent changes in family dynamics have prompted fans to revisit the question.

In the past, TLC viewers witnessed Ethan’s concerns about his own education, as it appeared that Kim had not adequately prepared him for adulthood. Ethan now spends his time working on cars, which seems more like a hobby than a career. Micah, on the other hand, was able to secure a decent job, partly thanks to Olivia and his good looks, rather than his educational background. After Kim and Barry’s split, fans believed that Kim’s involvement in homeschooling decreased even further.

During one episode of Welcome to Plathville, Lydia Plath was seen helping her younger siblings with math, while Amber Plath was busy cooking dinner in the background. It’s clear that there are no free rides in Barry’s house, which may have contributed to Moriah seeking a more fulfilling life elsewhere. Given Moriah’s current emotional struggles, it is unlikely that she is involved in homeschooling the younger children.

Fans have been discussing whether Lydia Plath has taken over homeschooling duties on Reddit. One user raised the question, “Since we know Kim moved to Florida to shack up with Ken the pilot, are we to assume she’s given up on homeschooling? And on this week’s episode (before the Florida move in real time), she talked about going to the house ‘once a week.'” They further wondered if Lydia has fully taken over homeschooling or if the children are schooling themselves.

There is also speculation that Amber Plath might be involved in teaching the younger children. Some fans hope that Barry has sent them to a traditional school, although that seems unlikely. A follower suggested, “The ‘little girls’ are old enough to kind of look after themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if the oldest of the three (Amber?) is taking Lydia’s place. We all know Kim isn’t doing sh-t.”

The exact details of who is currently responsible for homeschooling the Plath children remain unclear, but fans continue to discuss and speculate about the situation.

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