Christine Brown and David Woolley recently tied the knot, and the couple is overflowing with love and admiration for each other. Their wedding marked a joyous occasion for Christine, who has faced challenges in her relationship with Kody Brown, as agreed upon by Sister Wives critics.

David embraced Christine despite her complicated past, understanding the complexities of family life himself. Although he is not interested in polygamy, he had a large family with his late first wife, Margaret. David also accepted that wherever Christine goes, Janelle will be there, and Janelle attended the wedding. However, the absences of Robyn and Meri were noted by observers.

The wedding ceremony took place in front of 300 guests and family members, leaving Christine thrilled and grateful. She shared her thoughts on social media, expressing how incredible the experience was and how they finally had the wedding of their dreams. TLC fans rejoiced for Christine, especially considering that her first wedding with Kody Brown, as the third wife, was not extravagant or elaborate.

David, too, expressed his joy and appreciation for his new wife. He was quoted as saying, “I’m really very lucky and very happy that someone let her go because she’s a unicorn.” This statement suggests that David feels fortunate to have Christine in his life. Christine continued to praise her husband, describing him as a man with exceptional integrity and an old-fashioned sense of honor. She emphasized that his word holds weight and that he follows through on his promises. She further gushed about him, stating that he is an outstanding person and that she feels like she won the lottery with him.

The wedding reportedly had tight security and film crews present, indicating the possibility of a Sister Wives wedding special. Fans eagerly anticipate sharing in the joy of the special day and witnessing the happiness Christine and David have found together. Given the potential ratings such a special episode could generate, it seems unlikely that the network would pass up the opportunity.

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