Whitney Way Thore, known for her appearance on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, has been facing increasing criticism from viewers, with some claiming that the show has become unwatchable. The reasons behind the upset among TLC fans vary, but several factors have contributed to the backlash.

In Season 10, fans expressed anger towards Glenn Thore, Whitney’s father, for allowing his wife to appear on the show despite her being seriously ill after her second stroke. Many viewers felt that it was insensitive and exploitative to include the older woman in the filming. Hunter, Whitney’s brother, and her sister also faced criticism for participating in the show.

Even before Season 11 premiered, critics of Whitney Way Thore threatened to boycott My Big Fat Fabulous Life. The trailer for the new season revealed the funeral of Babs, Whitney’s mother, which shocked many viewers. In the past, Glenn had rarely been targeted by TLC viewers, but Whitney shifted blame onto her father, suggesting that he approved the funeral for the sake of the show. This intensified the criticism further.

As the current season progresses, viewers have found additional reasons to complain. Some believe that Whitney’s treatment of her father is disrespectful, claiming that she treats him like a mindless infant. Instances such as pushing her father aside at Jessica’s photoshoot have been cited as examples of her rude and crude behavior. On Reddit, discussions among My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers have centered around the show becoming unbearable to watch.

One viewer, u/Bumblebee637, shared their opinion, stating that while they enjoy trash TV and are usually entertained by Whitney’s narcissism and cringeworthy moments, this season’s focus on Babs’ death and Whitney’s attempts to control her grieving father and exploit his other family have made it difficult to watch more than ten minutes at a time.

Other viewers joined in the comments, expressing their dissatisfaction with the current season. Some mentioned turning off the show during the funeral scene and struggling to continue watching subsequent episodes. Criticisms included Whitney’s presumptuousness about grief and her treatment of Glenn, with one viewer referring to her as a clown who acts like she knows everything about living without a parent.

The discontent among fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life highlights the growing dissatisfaction with the show’s direction, particularly in relation to sensitive subjects and interpersonal dynamics within the Thore family.

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