Nikki Exotika, also known as Nikki Sanders, made waves on the Season 10 premiere of 90 Day Fiancé, proudly positioning herself as an authority on plastic surgeries. While she strives to make her relationship with Moldovan partner Justin work, their journey has been marred by Justin’s struggle with Nikki’s undisclosed transgender identity from fifteen years ago. Despite their efforts to overcome this challenge, Nikki’s reality TV experience extends beyond her current stint, as she previously appeared on the popular E! series Botched, hosted by Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif.

Botched serves as a platform where individuals seek solutions and assistance for their plastic surgery complications. However, it appears that Nikki’s tenure on the show was cut short. A Reddit thread revealed that she was a participant on the show nine years ago but was subsequently removed. A Daily Mail article from July 2014 shed light on the situation, stating that Dr. Dubrow had successfully addressed her breast concerns. Nevertheless, Nikki’s recovery required a two-month break from work, which resulted in financial difficulties and the loss of her apartment.

Expressing her distress in a Facebook video, Nikki lamented the repercussions: “I lost everything. I’m very distraught with everything that’s gone down with the TV show Botched. Dr. Dubrow fixed my breasts, and I’m grateful for that, but in the midst of the whole TV show, I lost my apartment.”

Insiders alleged that Nikki Sanders proved challenging to work with during her time on Botched. Coupled with her extensive history of plastic surgeries, the show’s producers opted to pursue a different direction for the episode. Fans on Reddit quickly responded to this revelation, expressing the opinion that Nikki should have better planned for the financial implications of her recovery time. However, they still expressed interest in seeing her on the show.

Furthermore, observant fans pointed out inconsistencies in Nikki’s age. While she claimed to be 33 in the mentioned article, which would make her 42 now, she asserts that she is 47 on 90 Day Fiancé, raising questions about the accuracy of her statements. Her portrayal on the show seems to depict a lavish lifestyle, granting her the freedom to pursue her desires unrestrained.

It remains to be seen how Nikki Exotika’s journey will unfold, both in her relationship with Justin on 90 Day Fiancé and her future endeavors in the realm of plastic surgery and reality TV.

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