Kody Brown, the patriarch of TLC’s Sister Wives, has closed down one of his family businesses. In 2019, he registered Kody Brown Family Entertainment LLC, with all four of his then-wives listed as management. However, a recent report states that this business filed for dissolution on October 8, 2023, just a day after Christine Brown married David Woolley. The timing of the closure in relation to Christine’s wedding is unclear, but the company’s license is reportedly still active in Arizona, where Kody currently resides.

It is speculated that Kody may be focusing on protecting his assets for his wife of choice, Robyn, now that Janelle, Meri, and Christine are earning their own incomes. This move has received criticism from Sister Wives fans, as the business’s name, “DABSARK Entertainment LLC,” appears to favor Robyn and her children.

Furthermore, Kody’s parenting skills have been called into question, as viewers have seen his absence and lack of involvement with his children in Season 18. Some of his children, such as Paedon (Christine’s son) and Gabe and Garrison (Janelle’s sons), have expressed bitterness and disdain towards their father.

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