Mike Youngquist, known for his appearance on the reality show 90 Day Fiancé, has moved on from his tumultuous relationship with Natalie and is leaving behind all the drama that came with it. Despite his initial efforts to salvage the relationship, Mike made the decision to move forward in life when he witnessed Natalie choosing someone else over him. Since then, he has never looked back.

In the midst of this situation, Natalie attempted to reconcile with Mike, but he clearly declined her proposal. Not only did he refuse to get back together with her, but he also took to social media to showcase his happiness with a new girlfriend in a video. His actions have raised questions about his intentions.

Mike Youngquist was taken aback when his ex-wife approached him for a reconciliation after her breakup with Josh. Natalie wasted no time in offering to get back together, but Mike firmly stood his ground, making it clear that he would not be her “backup” plan under any circumstances. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé applauded his decision, feeling proud of his resolve.

However, Mike didn’t stop there. After rejecting Natalie’s advances, he wasted no time in proudly displaying his new relationship on social media. He recently reshared a series of stories on Instagram that his girlfriend, Sarah Rose, had posted on her own account. The stories showcased Mike and Sarah having a great time together, clearly enjoying each other’s company.

Mike’s stories depicted them on a boat, surrounded by the vast ocean. They playfully goofed around while attempting to take selfies, showcasing their strong bond and chemistry. Some viewers of 90 Day Fiancé speculated that Mike shared these clips as a way to demonstrate to Natalie that he had found happiness with someone else.

This development came after Natalie asked Mike if he was seeing someone else. He admitted that there was a possibility and expressed his hope of meeting the right person for him. Therefore, it seems that Mike wanted to make it abundantly clear that there was no place for Natalie in his life as he had found happiness with Sarah and was engaged in a healthy relationship with her.

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