90 Day Fiancé alum Stacey Silva is shedding light on the daily battle she faces with a particular disease. Stacey, the twin sister of Darcey Silva, recently experienced a health scare that led to her hospitalization. Today, we delve into the details of her health journey and how she manages her condition.

Stacey Silva, known to fans from her appearances alongside her twin sister Darcey on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, has had her fair share of romantic pursuits. From her search for love with Jesse Meester from Amsterdam to her short-lived relationship with Tom Brooks, the Silva sisters eventually gained their own spinoff show, Darcey and Stacey. While Darcey embarked on a new romance with Georgi Rusev, Stacey was planning her wedding to her longtime partner Florian Sukaj. Their journey as fashion designers has been long and eventful, with their notable transformation in Turkey to achieve a desired aesthetic.

However, some fans feel that the Silva sisters have taken their transformations to extremes, making them almost unrecognizable. There is uncertainty about whether their show will be renewed for a fifth season, as prospects seem dim. This may be for the best, considering Stacey’s hospitalization in January 2024, where she underwent an emergency kidney procedure. Fortunately, she recovered well from the ordeal, but there are other health issues she faces. It has been revealed that Stacey has vitiligo, a skin disease, which came to light in a Reddit thread.

This revelation was met with intrigue, and fans had questions. Stacey Silva expressed her desire to become a spokesperson for vitiligo someday, but critics pointed out that she had a perfect platform on her television show to raise awareness:

“Why didn’t she use the past three years when she had a TV show?”
“She should have done this four years ago when she first appeared on TV.”
“She could be a spokesperson for self-acceptance.”
“It would be great if she could be a spokesperson for vitiligo, but she covers it up. Look at that supermodel who doesn’t cover hers.”
These comments sparked a discussion among individuals who also had vitiligo, sharing their experiences of being mocked for their condition. One person mentioned having vitiligo on their eyebrow and forehead, highlighting the contrast with Stacey’s plastic surgery procedures, which attracted ridicule.

It seems that sympathy for Stacey Silva is lacking when there are real autoimmune diseases that people struggle with, which are not self-inflicted. On the other hand, there are individuals like Darcey and Stacey who willingly undergo excessive plastic surgery and face criticism for their choices. The line between these situations can be blurry. Many fans expressed their desire for Stacey to have been open and honest about her struggles on her show, as it would have been relatable and reflective of real life. Unfortunately, she did not take that route, and as a result, people find it difficult to empathize with her.

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