Natalie Mordovtseva’s relationship with Josh Weinstein has been tumultuous, with a messy breakup leaving her devastated. Natalie found herself in a difficult situation, alone, broke, and homeless after moving to LA for Josh. However, viewers were surprised when they recently saw Natalie back with Josh.

The revelation came through a Reddit thread where the original poster ordered a Cameo video from Natalie as a joke. In the video, Natalie briefly showed Josh, confirming to the OP that she was back with her boyfriend. This was ironic since Natalie had previously tried to convince Mike that there was nothing between her and Josh and denied having a relationship with him.

Some fans speculated that Natalie’s desire to have a child played a role in her reconciliation with Josh. After her split from Josh, Natalie expressed her longing for a family and her biological clock ticking. She even attempted to persuade Mike to reconcile with her and have a baby, but he made it clear that he wasn’t interested in being her backup option.

Viewers questioned whether Natalie’s motivation for getting back with Josh was solely to have a child. Some fans criticized her, calling her “desperate” and accusing her of being an “opportunist” who reunited with Josh for an apartment or to fulfill her desire for a baby. Others speculated that the couple’s reconciliation was an attempt to secure their spot on another season of the show.

The situation between Natalie and Josh continues to raise eyebrows among fans, who eagerly await further developments and wonder about the true motivations behind their reunion.

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