Little People Big World fans have expressed their frustration online as the show appears to have vanished from the Discovery+ streaming platform. This isn’t the first time TLC shows have disappeared from the platform, leading fans to speculate if LPBW is the next program to be removed. Here’s what you should know about the situation.

Season 25 of Little People Big World is currently airing, and viewers are eager to catch up on the latest happenings in the Roloff family. The new season has already revealed significant changes within the family in its initial episodes.

One of the major developments showcased on LPBW is Matt Roloff’s engagement to Caryn Chandler. Although the couple publicly announced their engagement last year, fans are now witnessing it unfold on television. Viewers are also getting glimpses into their process of building a new home together. Despite being in a relationship since 2017, Matt and Caryn have chosen to live separately until now.

However, fans have encountered difficulties accessing the latest season on Discovery+.

A Reddit user posted a question, asking if other Little People Big World fans had also lost access to the show on Discovery+. They wrote, “Did they remove LPBW from Discovery Plus in the last 12 hours? I was watching late last night and can no longer find it on there. Google sends me a 404 link on the mobile app.”

Another fan commented that they were experiencing the same issue, stating, “Not there for me either. Weird. It was yesterday.” A second fan suggested troubleshooting by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

It appears that Little People Big World may still be available to some users while inaccessible to others. Currently, it remains unclear if Discovery+ intends to remove the TLC show from its platform.

Discovery+ has faced reliability issues for viewers seeking to watch TLC shows. The streaming platform notably omitted several episodes of Sister Wives from one of the recent seasons. Additionally, Discovery+ ceased streaming live shows from TLC, HGTV, and other channels last year. To watch programs from these channels live, viewers need a live television subscription through a streaming service or cable provider.

Fans who wish to catch up on the Roloff family’s updates still have options. While Discovery+ may not reliably provide access, the show can still be watched on other streaming platforms like Hulu. Alternatively, viewers can use TLC Go with their cable provider to watch the show.

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