Moriah Plath, known for her appearance on Welcome To Plathville, recently had a heartwarming reunion with two of her sisters. The special get-together allowed them to bond over their shared love for music, resulting in a heartfelt collaboration.

In late February, Moriah Plath shared a message indicating that she was going through a difficult heartbreak. While she didn’t disclose the details, many fans speculated that it might be related to her previous relationship with Max Kallschmidt, especially considering his recent announcement about expecting a baby with his new wife. However, Moriah clarified that her post wasn’t about Max, but rather expressed her pain and sought solace from her family. Music served as a therapeutic outlet for her during this challenging time.

On St. Patrick’s Day, Moriah took to Instagram to share a delightful interaction with her sisters, Amber and Lydia Plath. The three talented siblings collaborated on a rendition of Neil Diamond’s song “Something Blue.” Moriah captioned the post with a heartfelt message, emphasizing the importance of their unity and togetherness.

While opinions on the singing abilities of Moriah and her sisters varied among fans of Welcome To Plathville, the majority expressed joy and happiness at seeing the three girls together. Many applauded their performance and encouraged them to continue sharing their musical talents. Some even suggested that they should audition together on shows like The Voice. However, a few fans offered constructive criticism, suggesting that Lydia could benefit from further vocal lessons to improve her technique and range.

Despite differing opinions, the overall sentiment among fans was one of appreciation for the Plath sisters’ musical collaboration and the strong bond they showcased. Their shared love for music has not only brought them closer together but has also resonated with their audience, creating a moment of connection and unity.

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