Amber and Trent have always strived to provide the best upbringing for their children, but unexpected challenges can arise along the way. Jonah, the eldest of the 7 Little Johnstons kids, faced a difficult period when he experimented with Delta 8, a variant of marijuana. However, that chapter is now behind him as he discovers a new hobby that is slowly turning into his passion—one that brings him emotional well-being.

On 7 Little Johnstons, Jonah briefly dabbled in drugs, but he soon realized the negative impact it had on his life. He made the decision to move back home with Amber and Trent temporarily. Eventually, Jonah moved out and secured a job as a sales representative, embracing a fresh start.

However, Jonah’s journey doesn’t end there. He has also found a new hobby that is capturing his heart and gradually becoming his passion—barbequing meats. During a lunch outing with his sisters Anna and Liz, Jonah excitedly shared his love for this culinary art. He revealed that he and his friend Brian have been honing their skills, aiming to perfect the craft of smoking meat.

In a confessional, Jonah expressed the immense joy he experiences from his newfound passion. He admitted that he didn’t realize how much it would impact him until he immersed himself in it. Liz, delighted to see the positive influence it has had on Jonah’s physical and mental health, expressed her happiness for him. Notably, Jonah’s passion for BBQing not only benefits him but also brings joy to the entire family, as they get to savor delicious meals.

Jonah showcased his evolving BBQing skills at Liz’s birthday party, giving a glimpse of his talent. Since then, his love for this culinary art has continued to grow. In fact, the upcoming 7 Little Johnstons Season 14 storyline hints that Jonah might even consider turning his passion into a career. Viewers can look forward to witnessing more of Jonah’s BBQing skills on the screen in the new season, as he explores his newfound talent and shares it with the world.

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