Garrick Merrifield, a cast member on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife, has become one of the most unpopular characters on the show. In a recent Q&A session, he revealed his ideal number of wives, while his wife Dannielle discussed how she believes God led her to allow him to divorce her.

Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife premiered this month, featuring Dannielle Merrifield and her now-divorced husband. It is their third appearance on the show, with their previous divorce being a major storyline. Garrick believed that God wanted him to take on another wife, and although Dannielle claimed to be happy with the idea, she often appeared distressed, leading to mixed reactions from viewers.

Garrick Merrifield initially pursued a Brazilian woman named Roberta “Bert” Pach, but she eventually ended the relationship, leading fans to cheer her decision. Garrick claimed that Bert had scammed him. In the new season, another Brazilian woman named Nathalia enters their lives, causing conflict for Dannielle. However, on social media, Dannielle appeared cheerful as she and Garrick discussed how many wives they envision having.

Given Garrick’s belief that God wants him to have multiple wives, it is evident that this does not bring joy to Dannielle or their children. Critics of Seeking Sister Wife often criticize the couple for making decisions that impact their children. During an Instagram Q&A, Dannielle asked Garrick how many wives he plans on having, with the understanding that it is subject to “God’s” approval. Garrick responded by saying he “can’t imagine having more than five,” and Dannielle jokingly mentioned King Solomon having “a thousand” wives. Dannielle added that they have discussed it and currently feel five wives would be the limit, but they do not want to impose limits on “God’s” will.

In the comments section of the Q&A, TLC fans expressed that they no longer sympathize with Dannielle and criticized the idea that God seems to favor voluptuous Brazilian women. Some viewers called for Dannielle to be honest about her husband’s desire for other women instead of attributing it to a “made-up religion.” Others questioned the authenticity of their religious beliefs and expressed concern for their children’s upbringing.

The ongoing season of Seeking Sister Wife will likely explore the challenges and conflicts faced by Dannielle and Garrick as they navigate their polygamous relationship.

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