Exciting developments are unfolding in the popular series Little People Big World. The latest season kicked off with Matt and Caryn taking their relationship to the next level. After six years of dating, Matt finally proposed, and the couple is set to tie the knot later this year. However, this milestone has caused quite a stir within the family, eliciting mixed reactions.

One can’t help but wonder how Matt’s ex-wife, Amy Roloff, would respond, considering their history together. Fans are well aware that Amy chose not to invite Matt to her wedding with Chris! However, the situation is different when it comes to Matt. In fact, he happily extended an invitation to Chris and Amy. So, how did they react?

In the world of LPBW, Matt and Caryn have been basking in their joyous news. The engaged couple confirmed their plans in the latest season. However, due to ongoing tensions within the family, the announcement received a mix of reactions. Viewers eagerly awaited the response from Amy and Chris when informed about Matt and Caryn’s upcoming nuptials.

Before anyone had a chance to fully react, Matt revealed another surprise. He expressed his desire to do things differently this time and promptly extended an invitation to Amy and Chris. Longtime fans will remember that Amy and Chris had chosen not to invite Matt and Caryn to their own wedding.

Caryn, however, was not pleased with Matt’s impromptu invitation during the dinner. She made it clear that they hadn’t finalized their guest list and were unsure if their closest friends would even be invited. It was evident that she did not approve of Matt immediately inviting his ex-wife and her new husband.

While Chris Marek didn’t mind not receiving an invitation, he did express interest in attending Matt’s bachelor party. Matt considered it a “no-brainer” and extended an invitation to him. Amy, on the other hand, decided not to attend Matt and Caryn’s wedding out of respect for their four children. This was precisely why she and Chris had made the decision to exclude her ex-husband and his girlfriend from their own wedding.

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