Since 2006, TLC fans have been captivated by the daily lives of the Roloff family on Little People Big World (LPBW). Mathew, Amy, and their children have entertained audiences for 25 seasons, with the most recent season airing in February 2024.

Throughout the show’s run, LPBW has seen several cast members depart. Jeremy and his wife made the decision to leave the show in order to explore new business opportunities. Now, Jeremy is opening up about his experience after leaving the show and dropping hints that LPBW might be coming to an end.

Jeremy Roloff, a beloved star on LPBW, grew up in front of the fans alongside his family. The combination of average-sized and little people within the Roloff family resonated with viewers, and they witnessed Jeremy’s journey from childhood to adulthood. His wedding to Audrey was even featured on the show. However, Jeremy eventually decided to part ways with the TLC series, desiring a different lifestyle for his own children and wanting to shield them from the same level of public exposure. Despite his departure, Jeremy has no regrets about his time on the show.

In a recent discussion, Jeremy shared insights into his experience on LPBW, expressing his lack of regret while emphasizing his desire to pursue other ventures. However, he dropped a bombshell for fans by hinting that the show might be reaching its conclusion. Jeremy believes that TLC may not renew the show for another season, which would mark the first time in twenty years that LPBW wouldn’t continue. This sentiment has also been echoed by other family members, including Amy, and the departure of Zach and Tori from the show adds weight to these speculations.

Fans of LPBW are left shocked and anxious at the possibility of the beloved series coming to an end. The Roloff family has become an integral part of their lives, and the thought of bidding farewell to the show is both surprising and saddening for dedicated viewers.

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