Seeking Sister Wife couple Becky and Justin Ryan have recently been discovered on a polygamous dating site, indicating that their search for a new partner in Season 5 may not have been successful. Let’s dive into the details of this site and how it operates.

Becky and Justin Ryan Spotted on a Polygamous Dating Site

While some polygamous couples prefer to meet potential partners organically by approaching them in person at bars or restaurants, this approach doesn’t always yield the desired results. As a result, many couples turn to online platforms. Former Seeking Sister Wife couple Sidian and Tosha Jones, for example, initially wanted to meet their potential sister wife in person but found it tedious and eventually resorted to online dating. Even the Merrifields, another couple from the show, have met both of their potential sister wives on dating sites.

Newcomers Becky and Justin Ryan have now been spotted on a polygamous dating site, leading to a discussion on a Reddit thread. The original poster (OP) shared their findings:

“I’m on a dating site called Modern Polygamy, which is a platform that connects couples with singles. I just found the Ryans. I had never seen them on here before, and I’ve been on this site for a few years.”

The OP included a photo of the Ryans’ profile from the site, along with all the snapshots the couple had shared. It was evident that the Seeking Sister Wife couple invested considerable effort into their profile. So, what did fellow Redditors think about this discovery?

“I like her. Something about him is creepy.”

“She really gives off the ‘polyg’ vibe more than any of the other couples. I understand she was raised that way, but she definitely embodies that persona the most.”

“Does anyone else feel that she’s more into this than him? He looked nervous when meeting that lady last week.”

Fans Show Interest

After learning about the OP’s discovery on the dating site, fellow fans encouraged them to gather more information. There was a sense of excitement knowing that the Seeking Sister Wife couple was somewhat accessible through the platform. However, it seemed that the OP was only sharing their findings and was not planning to take the next step in engaging with Becky and Justin Ryan on the site.

Fans remain invested in the couple’s journey and expressed their desire to know more about their experiences on the dating site. The opportunity to get insights into the couple’s search for a sister wife adds an extra level of enthusiasm among viewers.

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